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Those planning Australian travel by road will always find that a good travel guide is essential. With sixty interlinking routes & destinations, Travelling Australia by Road  is  a truly effective guide to assist those planning Australian travel. With a schedule of distances & approximate times for each route, planning Australian travel is greatly simplified and much more effective. The routes included in the book cover all  mainland states and Tasmania. After fifty years of caravanning, author Colin McFarlane is certainly an experienced traveller. As such he is well qualified to give advice on planning Australian travel by road. Over a six year period, Colin & his wife travelled in excess of 200,000km. In planning their travels, they  concentrated on the remoter areas of the country. There is therefore, limited reference to capital cities & major coastal tourist spots. Join them as they visit old  & isolated country pubs with memories of days long gone. Explore deserted towns & settlements with their ghosts of the past. Using this book while  planning  Australian travel you will find many places of natural interest & beauty, well beyond the track of regular tours.

Planning Australian travel by road

Colin found that in planning Australian travel, much time was needed prior to each of their journey’s. He was convinced that a well laid out guide would help future travellers in planning their travesl. With this in mind “Travelling Australia by Road” became a reality. Their experiences, previously sent to friends, became the base for the book. With the distances travelled and time spent on the road recorded, the entire content has been based on their actual experiences.

The book was first envisaged as a guide for those planning Australian travel. Non-travellers have however, found the book to be an excellent record of what remote Australia has to offer.

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