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“Travelling Australia by Road” contains fifty plus interlinking routes, written  to assist in the planning of journeys throughout the country. Australia travel maps are included as a guide for travellers considering road travel, whether by caravan, motor home, car or fly/drive. These individual Australian travel maps are included for each state. These clearly show the interlinking routes that traverse all major regions throughout the country. An index on each of the Australian travel maps directs the reader to the relevant page in the book. The content of the book, coupled with the Australian travel maps, reveals to both the traveller and the casual reader, many of the hidden secrets scattered throughout this great country. The major focus has generally been on road travel in the more remote areas of the country. These tend to be well beyond capital cities and well known coastal tourist spots. For this reason the Australian travel maps are vital for those who plan to explore the more remote areas of the country.

Australian travel maps for the books 50 routes

Travelling Australia by Road was written by a veteran traveller, with over 50 years of caravanning experience. While originally prepared for the benefit of future travellers, it has been embraced by “arm-chair travellers” as an authoritative guide that reveals Australia’s best.

Over a period of six years, the author and his wife travelled in excess of 200,00km throughout the length and breadth of Australia. During this time, the detail that has been used in the book was gathered and subsequently compiled into easy to follow, descriptive routes. Each of these routes has been inserted into the state-by-state Australian travel maps .

Experienced and new travellers alike have reported that Travelling Australia by Road has been a great aid in planning their trips of discovery.

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