Travelling Australia by Road

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Explore Australia by road

Travelling Australia by Road is the ultimate guide for those wishing to explore Australia by road.  It reveals many of Australia’s greatest attractions and sights. Detailed routes cover all states including Tasmania. Those who choose to explore Australia by road will find that Outback Australia abounds in history and beauty. Over some ten years, the author and his wife traversed in excess of 200,000km of Australian road travel. They looked beyond well-known landmarks to discover remote Australian places and natural features of interest. Their findings have now been published to assist those planning Australian road travel. Included are 60 interlinking routes and destinations along with a schedule of the distances & approximate times needed for each route. This has made planning Australia road travel an easy task.

Find the hidden secrets as you Explore Australia

Those who choose road travel to explore Australia will find that the vast expanses of this country reveal brilliant colour. These range rom in the rich reds of the centre, the tropical green of the rainforests to the dazzling blue of the Indian Ocean. This full colour book, reveals much of this through its descriptive content and stunning photography. Many hidden secrets are found in and around Australia’s regional cities and towns. Old & isolated country pubs and places of historical interest abound. Travellers need to be aware of these before they start their journey of discovery. Travelling Australia by Road focuses on the thousands of kilometres of roads that criss-cross the nation. Amazing sights & secrets are hidden within  the “real Australia”. This book opens the way to explore Australia’s best. As the country’s Golden Beaches, Barrier Reef, coastal resorts and capital cities are well known they do not feature to a major extent.

So . . . to embrace the spirit of adventure, keep this book with you as a guide while you journey so that you can enjoy travel as you explore Australia on your trip of discovery . . . alternately why not enjoy this for lounge room reading as you explore with us in your imagination.

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