Travelling Australia by Road

Australian travel guide – Routes & Destinations

Australian travel guide

“Travelling Australia by Road” is an Australian travel guide containing over fifty detailed routes covering all of the mainland states as well as Tasmania. It is the perfect guide for all who plan to explore this great country. As an Australian travel guide, the book aims to guide travellers on their journey’s throughout the country. The book has been generally acknowledged as a highly authoritative Australian travel guide by those who have used it as the basis for their travels.

50 Routes cover most of the country

Along all of the routes within the book, many historical, natural & man-made secrets are revealed.  Careful planning of any trip is essential if this country’s many hidden secrets are to be seen. By using a well researched Australian road travel guide such as Travelling Australia by Road, your journey can be all that you wish for.

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Australian travel guide routes

  1. destination – 1 Longreach
  2. destination – 2 Charleville
  3. destination – 3 Mount Isa
  4. destination – 4 Townsville
  5. destination – 5 Horizontal Waterfalls (WA)
  6. destination – 6 Geraldton
  7. destination – 7 Perth Region
  8. destination – 8 Kalgoorlie


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